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It’s a multi-channel market for small business in Coquitlam, Burnaby and New Westminster.

Your competitor is only a click away. They might be in somebody’s basement, across town, on the other side of Canada or anywhere connected to the Web. The Internet has forever changed the business landscape and increased your competition.

Marketing can no longer be viewed as a second string player on your business team if you hope to compete in the marketplace. Marketing is now your starting forward in the most important game of the season.

Marketing is critical to overall business success and you have to constantly be taking chances, modifying your approach, measuring results and be ready for change if you want to be viewed as agile and relevant.

Gartner recently reported that 50% of marketing budgets for North American and UK businesses were increasing in 2015, with digital marketing seeing close a 17% increase to help maximize client contact.

65% of business leaders felt they were not doing enough to stay in contact with prospective customers and 33% of SMB felt they were doing only OK.

Investing in a clearly defined online marketing strategy with a game plan in place for tactical execution will ensure you keep pace and possibly set the bar for your industry. Without it, the writing is on the wall for where you’ll end the season and it isn’t holding the trophy for most valuable league player.

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Inbound Marketing

If your small business is not yet leveraging the power and cost effectiveness of Inbound marketing then you are already losing business. Inbound Marketing focuses your efforts towards creating highly relevant content that is made available through various digital channels and social media networks. Analytic data is used to optimize rates of conversion, search engine position and where you are missing opportunities to connect with customers who are ready to buy from you.

Outbound Marketing

Traditional marketing still has its place and can round out a comprehensive marketing strategy but outbound marketing is less efficient for attracting, engaging and creating new opportunities. Lead generation from outbound marketing costs more than double than from inbound sources. Old school marketing can still be effective for capturing offline interest, but it requires a hybrid marketing strategy to move customers into a measurable sales funnel that can be optimized.

The Benefits For Your Business

Increased Visibility

Your band’s visibility increases the potential for your marketing’s ROI. Exposure across multiple channels extends your reach, allowing your message and the audiences’ experience to be shared through social networks.

Increased Traffic

Increased traffic is a sign that your strategy and tactics are working. You will want to fine tune your traffic, ensuring you are attracting a targeted audience that are wanting to buy your products and services.

Increased Leads

Converting increased traffic into qualified leads is a methodical process. Optimizing content, nurturing interest and directing potential customers into sales funnels and eMail campaigns allows for more opportunities.

Increased Sales

Increasing sales is what marketing is all about. Without sales, marketing is simply noise. Knowing who your customers are and engaging them from start to finish results in more sales and increased loyalty.

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