Search Engine Optimization, Marketing Strategy and Social Media Engagement.

Digital services that every small business in Coquitlam, Burnaby and New Westminster can use to improve their online presence.

Marketing trends for 2015 will continue to see the evolution of audience engagement through mobile technologies, personalization and greater use of content with distribution across expanding social networks.

Being found on Google, Bing and Yahoo will be even more important as both local and distant customers turn to mobile first in their quest for relevant information. Focused marketing solutions based on sound strategies that attract, convert and engage your audience are critical for business growth and customer loyalty.

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Clicks count and regardless of technology or tactic, optimizing what you have in place is critical for achieving business success. Measuring your online traffic using Google Analytics, tracking your Bing and Google campaigns, reporting on user sentiment and your influence across social networks allows us to know what is working and what isn’t.

What can be measured, can be improved. Marketing and analytic data allows objective decisions to be made without guesswork. Optimization of strategy, tactics and efforts is all based on measured outcomes. We leave the guesswork and crystal ball juggling to your competition.

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Everyone is looking for something online and if you provide that ‘something’, whether its chiropractic services, legal advice, gadgets for gardeners or anything else that can be imagined, then you stand a better chance of attracting, converting and engaging that customer.

Content drives engagement and is the new currency of the Internet. Providing engaging content allows you to interact with your audience, giving them something to share and discuss online. This multiplies your brand’s reach, drives traffic, lowers acquisition costs and increases the chances of converting users into customers and customers into advocates.

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Measure twice, cut once.

Doing things right the first time is best. A comprehensive website and digital communications strategy will allow your business to grow. Your marketing foundation must be solid.

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Website Marketing Solutions

A website is not enough. You have to deliver what your customer needs, when they need it, optimized for the device they are using.

Measurement and Online Optimization

Knowing what’s next for your marketing strategy is based on goals. If we can measure it, then we can improve it. No guesswork involved.

Social Strategy & Engagement

Your customers and prospects are having a conversation without you and getting you involved is what social engagement is all about.

The Benefits For Your Business

Increased Visibility

A well researched marketing strategy and flawless tactical execution will elevate your brand and get you noticed; increasing perception, visibility and mind share.

Increased Traffic

Inbound and outbound tactics will allow you to increase targeted website traffic as well as attract additional walk-in customers to your bricks and mortar locations.

Increased Leads

Your prospective customers are directed into sales funnels via optimized landing pages, calls to action and other re-marketing tools to be scored and nurtured over time.

Increased Sales

Being visible, better targeting, quality leads and higher levels of audience engagement will deliver on our final promise; Increased sales for you and your business website.

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