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Search Optimization (SEO)

Getting found through search is critical. Google controls 67% of the desktop search market and 83% of mobile. Yahoo and Bing combined make up 30% and 16% respectfully. Being on the first page of search allows your business to be found.

Google Analytics

Who visited? How did they find you? What do they want and are you delivering it for them?. Google and other website analytic tools deliver a 360° perspective that allows you to make informed business decisions with no guess work.

Social Strategies

Value from Facebook and Twitter comes from knowing what your audience shares and is talking about today. A social strategy targets the right audience, with the right message, at the right time, to maximize your brand and marketing reach.

Digital Advertising

Google, Bing and Facebook ads allow your message to be triggered when customers search for what you offer. Text ads, image ads, interactive calls to action and video links can all be used effectively to direct this traffic to your website today.

Content Marketing

Your audience is seeking content for what they need and want. Your content is consumed and shared by users and indexed by Google when evaluating your website ranking. Content is critical for all aspects of your online success.

Local Search

97% of consumers search the web for local products and services. Local search is critical for your bricks and mortar store, especially across the mobile marketplace. Without it, you may be invisible to those looking for your front door.

Landing Pages

First impressions are lasting, and effective landing pages drive conversions. They offer an opportunity for you to show your audience that you have exactly what they are looking for and make it easy for them to do business with you.

Conversion Optimization

Only 22% of businesses are happy about their conversion rates. Without conversion, nothing valuable happens with regard to marketing. Our conversion optimization services deliver measurable value across all customer touch-points.

Inbound Marketing

Inbound lead generation costs about 60% less than finding new business opportunities through outbound tactics. Attracting as much of this online traffic into your sales funnel is what our inbound marketing services deliver.

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